Hook & Moor is the innovative boat hook which makes things easier for you. By means of this boat hook, the mooring line can be threaded through the anchor ring with a simple push or pull

This rescue system is for people and objects that are overboard. It minimises the risk to those in the water. The POB-NET is simple, quick and the rescued is not to be an active participant. The speed of the POB-NET’s operation means it reduces the...

We are very excited to announce that Robline Kitelines are now available at your trusted Robline dealer near you!

R wie Robline

Den ledande tillverkaren av linor inom segelsporten återuppfinner sig själv!

NRV Cooperation

I samband med finalen i den tyska elitserien för segling presenterade Rainer Wilhelm, Global Manager på Robline, och Klaus Lahme, Clubmanager i Norddeutscher Regatta Verein, ett samarbete inom områdena segling i den tyska elitserien, NRV Olympic Team...