Explanation of product specifications


├ś = diameter (mm):

The nominal diameter is always the maximum diameter


Length = rope length (m):

The rope is cut into lengths taking the EN ISO 2307 standard into consideration.
Rope length: per spool or coil


BL = breaking loads:

The value in daN (1 daN is about 1 kg) indicates the load at which the rope would break.
The specified breaking loads are values determined in testing in our laboratory. In practical use, these values may deviate depending on the type of use. The breaking loads were determined for free lengths of rope and will be decreased by splices or knots. When defining a rope's dimensions, we recommend applying a working load ratio to a breaking load of at least 1:5!


Weight = weight per meter (g/m):

The specified values in grams are related to one meter of rope. The length of the rope can change during use. As a result, there may also be deviations from the specified weight.