FSE-Mooring & Anchor Lines

Mooring & Anchor Lines

Even applications that at first glance seem simple such as mooring lines, anchor lines, and towlines require meticulous development and testing. For our products, we build on experience gathered in many places around the globe and on feedback received from a vast variety of users.


Robline caters to the trend toward using different fibers for mooring and anchor lines, depending on the specific use, and introduces cordage made of polyamide (known as nylon) in order to utilize the high elasticity of this fiber to cope with critical shock loads.


Yet, also 8-plait constructions (8-braids) featuring high flexibility, minimal stowage dimensions, and good spliceability are suitable for various types of use and offer perfect functionality.


All mooring and anchor lines from Robline stand out for their abrasion resistance, stretch, handling, and good spliceability.