Robline has signed a three-year contract with the Norwegian Sailing Federation and supplies rope equipment to various national sailing teams.

DSBL Season 2021

The new season of the German Sailing League starts in June in Überlingen (Bodensee).

SK Shapes is a Swiss company and development partner in the kite racing sector. Together we also serve the Robline Racing Team (Stan Keusch), who is splicing the material for us and is also the team manager together with Stefanie Marisch.

Hook & Moor is the innovative boat hook which makes things easier for you. By means of this boat hook, the mooring line can be threaded through the anchor ring with a simple push or pull

This rescue system is for people and objects that are overboard. It minimises the risk to those in the water. The POB-NET is simple, quick and the rescued is not to be an active participant. The speed of the POB-NET’s operation means it reduces the...