Nylon 8-plait

The ultimate mooring / anchor line featuring an excellent breaking load ratio, best abrasion values, and minimal required storage space.


Material: Polyamide (Nylon)


Polyamide as construction material, which is also used in the Palma Elastic for highest breaking loads and maximal elasticity, and the unique 8-plait construction, which is also used in our Newport 8-plait for best elasticity values and ultra-low storage requirements, equals to the ultimate mooring/anchoring line with an excellent breaking load ratio. The user can expect best abrasion values, a minimal required storage space and diameters ranging from 12mm to 16mm.

Diameter [mm] Length [m] Weight [g/m] BL [daN]
12 150 88 3560
14 100 106 4090
16 150 133 4630

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