Robline is a trademark of TEUFELBERGER, a globally active family-owned enterprise.

Robline is the water sports brand of family-owned, Austria-headquartered TEUFELBERGER. TEUFELBERGER is built on three strong pillars that form the basis for the company's success: Steel wire ropes, fiber ropes, and strapping. This gives Robline a firm foundation to build on.

More than 225 years after its establishment, TEUFELBERGER has remained a wholly owned family enterprise and is currently run by Florian Teufelberger  from the family's 7th generation. TEUFELBERGER is active around the globe and continues to capitalize on opportunities offered by today's globalized world in order to achieve steady growth. By operating manufacturing sites in Austria, the Czech Republic, the U.S., Italy, and Thailand, we are able to satisfy local standards with regard to quality, certifications, and customer-specific requirements without difficulty.

TEUFELBERGER owns the water sports brands Robline, pleasure marine ropes brand New England Ropes, and the climbing rope brand Maxim.

About 5% of TEUFELBERGER's 1,300 staff members are employed in our research and development departments and ensure that we are able to offer our customers innovative, reliable and trendy ropes.  

TEUFELBERGER's business divisions at a glance


Our Fiber Rope division develops and produces yachting ropes, ropes for arboriculture, for the paper industry, for personal protection, for commercial marine, and for industrial applications.  Our Wire Rope division makes steel wire ropes for ropeways and cranes.  In addition, TEUFELBERGER's product portfolio is complemented by its Strapping range.


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