Robline® - World Class Yachting Ropes

Leading manufacturer of yachting ropes reinvents itself!

In recent years, Robline®, a brand of TEUFELBERGER, has increasingly shifted its focus to becoming the leading specialist supplier for sailing & yachting ropes. And successfully so, by moving closer to those who set the pace. Sailing crews from Austria, Kuwait, Qatar, Croatia, Brazil, etc. rely on the expertise of and on cordage from Robline®We are also the official supplier of lines for the most active high performance sailing classes. In the RC 44, GC32, TP 52 and M32 classes, the world's best regatta sailors challenge and support us in the development of ropes that perform to the max in any situation.

Direct feedback from pro sailors in combination with Robline's long-standing, in-depth ropemaking expertise has spawned first-rate cordage, also for recreational sailors. Pros are setting the standards, and every watersports aficionado can look forward to getting reliable, innovative and modern cordage.

In the 1990’s, TEUFELBERGER acquired FSE, the German yachting brand, and the yachting line segment of Roblon, the Danish rope manufacturer. But even before that, TEUFELBERGER had already been manufacturing synthetic ropes for several decades. This bundled competence brought forth the FSE Robline brand and has now been given new appealing look in the form of Robline®. The new brand underlines the No. 1 postion of Robline® in the challenging sailing market - with its message and its look.

What is also new is that the Robline® brand is no longer limited to the sailing and boating segment, but is now more broadly positioned. Accordingly, the Robline® product family now also includes kiting lines.


Robline in a nutshell

Rebellious - breaking out of familiar patterns, breaking new ground with innovative, pioneering Robline cordage. The colours of the Robline brand illustrate and emphasise this spirit.

Racing - if you want to be at the forefront of the regatta field, then don’t leave anything to chance. With Robline you are sure to enjoy success in your race! 

Rigging - in the Robline Splice Center we can design your own personalised and exciting yachting equipment with our Rigging Service. The result is a perfectly assembled set of cordage.

Relationships - we value not only the challenges that sailing presents, but also the community that has built up around water sports. With Robline we therefore support young and enthusiastic sailors and ambitious teams in every class.

Ready - Robline’s hand-spliced, ready-made products ensure your safety while in action on the high seas as well as in port.

Relentless - the best way to describe us where our customers are concerned. Everything that we do, we do so that you can concentrate on the important things - the wind, the waves, enjoyment and success - and let Robline take care of the rest!

Responsible - anybody who, like Robline, mixes it at the top with the elite also has a responsibility towards society and the environment. With Robline cordage, you can rest assured that we will make our contribution together. 

Relaxing - With Robline cordage, there’s no need to worry about your sailing trip, because it’s our job to do the thinking for you. Every amateur sailor can sail off into the sunset in complete relaxation knowing that Robline’s easy-to-use ropes are at hand.