Anchor line

A leaded anchor rope meeting the highest demands. In the case of Poseidon, lead inserts are integrated into the core over one-quarter of its total length, which makes it easier to drag the anchor horizontally and enhances its retention power. In addition, the rope becomes easier to lift. Poseidon is delivered in a bag with a spliced-in stainless steel thimble. Both consist of Polyester, its 16-plaited cover, and the intermediate cover keep the lead insert from slipping out from the rope.



  • Core: core with lead inserts
  • Intermediate Cover: Polyester
  • Cover: Polyester 16

Color white: 10mm (50m) - 12mm (50m) - 14mm (50m) - 16mm (50m)
Color black: 10mm (30m) - 12mm (35m) - 14mm (40m)

Diameter [mm] Length [m] BL [daN]
10 50 1700
12 50 1900
14 50 2600
16 50 3700

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