Admiral PRO

Admiral PRO

High performance rope with low stretch

This cordage excels due to its very low stretch and exceedingly high breaking load. This makes Admiral Pro our high tech performance rope for the most demanding standards.



  • Core: STS/Dyneema®
  • Cover: Polyester/Technora® 
  • Field of use: crossover / highly loaded halyards and sheets

Color variation

Admiral PRO: Green-Black
Admiral PRO

An extra low stretch high performance rope with a heat set Dyneema Core. Perfect if you do not have a halyard lock and want to experience the same level of consistent set level and Luff- Stretch as if you had one. Admiral PRO has a high abrasion resistance and a high holding power in clutches
thanks to its Polyester / Technora Cover. It is perfect if used as Genua sheet, Main Halyard, etc.
Generally, this is the right product for any application where close to zero stretch is required.

Diameter [mm] Length [m] Weight [g/m] BL [daN]
8 200 45 5000
10 200 72 8200
12 170 101 13900
14 200 140 16100

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