Racing Pack

Dinghy Control / Infinity Control

Inspired by our successful dinghy sailors, we created Racing Packs to provide an "always-ready-to-go" feeling. Handy cardboard boxes include four differently colored lines of 25 m each in two different diameters. Sailors can choose between Racing Packs with Dinghy Control, or Infinity Control in either 4 mm or 5 mm.

The colors are the same in each Racing Pack version, but differ with the products:

  • Dinghy Control Packs feature white/red, white/yellow, white/purple and white/navy
  • Infinity Control Packs feature black/neon-green, black/neon-orange, black and black/navy



Product Name Diameter [mm] Length [m]
Dinghy Control 4 4 x 25m
Dinghy Control 5 4 x 25m
Infinity Control 4 4 x 25m
Infinity Control 5 4 x 25m

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