Dinghy Star

The allround control line even for big boats

The unique combination of the selected cover and core materials creates a very light and versatile rope for the highest demands. The used high-tech fibers, Robtec and Technora®, blended with a colored floating fiber, XLF, build one of the most durable covers. This is a perfect control line on high-tech Grand Prix yachts. While getting used the cover gets a high grip surface and the Robtec/Technora® content helps to maintain its integrity. On dinghies and sport boats, this rope makes the perfect sheet if always cleated at the same position since the cover is extremely strong and durable. Often used as Jib sheets, Vang controls, and the like.



  • Core: Dyneema®
  • Cover: Dyneema® / Technora®/XLF 
  • Field of use: crossover


Color variation

Dinghy Star Blue
Dinghy Star Yellow
Dinghy Star red
Dinghy Star: neongreen
Diameter [mm] Length [m] Weight [g/m] BL [daN]
4 100 10 600
5 100 15 1100
6 100 22 1650
8 100 39 3300

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