Coppa 5500 Dura

Coppa 5500 Dura

Packs multiple characteristics into one

Coppa 5500 Dura has a 24-carrier cover for easy splicing and stripping! It is ideal for applications where minimum stretch and optimum grip combined with minimum abrasion are required. The tough cover construction helps to keep the cover intact even when the product is used always in the same area (i.e. as a Jib sheet).



  • Cover: Polyester/Polyester soft/Robtec
  • Core: Robtec


Color variation

Coppa 5500 Dura neonorange-black-white
Coppa 5500 Dura neonyellow-black-white
Diameter [mm] Length [m] Weight [g/m] BL [daN]
7,0 100 28 2400
8,0 100 33 3200
9,0 100 53 4900

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