Coppa 5000

Professional sheet meeting highest demands.

It has a 24-carrier cover for easy splicing and stripping! With Soft fiber content, Coppa 5000 is nicer to grip and hold than the Coppa 5500 Dura. Use it for applications where minimum stretch and optimum grip are required. Coppa 5000 excels as Mainsheet, Spinnaker, or Gennaker sheet and as a control line that might be stripped in the cascade if needed. The coated Dyneema® core runs smoothly in the blocks or low-friction thimbles.



  • Core: Dyneema® 
  • Cover: Polyester/Polyester soft/Technora®
  • Field of use: trim, crossover

Color variation

Coppa 5000
Coppa 5000
Coppa 5000
Coppa 5000
Diameter [mm] Length [m] Weight [g/m] BL [daN]
4 100 11 600
5.5 100 21 1400
7 100 28 2400
8 100 33 3200
9 100 53 4900

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