FSE Robline as official partner of the German Sailing League


Everyone knows the premier and second league of soccer from different countries. But did you know that this is also happening in sailing in Germany?

For 5 years the concept of the German Sailing League does now exist. 18 clubs from all over Germany fight for the title “Best Sailingclub of Germany” both happening in premier and second league. For same standards the OneDesign class J/70 boat is used whereas each boat is sailed by the 4 best people of each sailing club. 7 regattas are happening all over the season – beginning in April and ending with the finals in October. Every race counts the same amount of points whereas the team with the lowest amount of points is going to win in the end.

In order to strengthen the position of FSE Robline at the German market, we are now in the middle of this series of events. All J/70 boats of the German Sailing League are now exclusively equipped with FSE Robline. Every boat is fully branded and will go on a tour through whole Germany. Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram as we keep you updated at every event.


(c) Lars Wehrmann / DSBL