Dinghy Star Pro Ultra STS

For applications, that place extreme demands on the stretch and abrasion properties of a line. STS in the core and the proven PBO / Dyneema® of the Dinghy Star PRO Ultra STS result in a product that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance.

  • Cover: PBO/Robtec
  • Core: Ocean STS
  • Special use for Dinghy and Sportboats

Color variation


Based on Robline’s exclusive STS Technology (STS = Stronger than Steel) and the well-proven Dinghy Star Ultra - Cover with PBO, this product helps you to keep your desired rope tension exactly to the point needed. There is nothing left in terms of stretch, constructional stretch and abrasion resistance. Dinghy Star Pro Ultra is best used where the smallest possible change to the desired settings while sailing is needed. It is the solution when very high loads meet the request for the smallest possible diameter to reduce windage and weight. It is tested and used as Nacra17 tackline and Genacker Halyard for example, or to replace bigger diameters of SK99 based controls.

Diameter [mm] Length [m] Weight [g/m] MBL [daN]
4,0 100 14 1450
5 100 22 2500
6 100 35 4400

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