FSE Robline as official partner of the German Sailing League

Everyone knows the premier and second league of soccer from different countries. But did you know that this is also happening in sailing in Germany?

Wintertime is trade fair season: we’re on tour!

If the thermometer in the northern hemisphere is still indicating winter and you’re yearning for the next sailing trip or regatta, trade fairs are just the thing to get yourself ready for the upcoming sailing season and summer.

Miami Sailing World Cup

Each year, the Olympic Class is the first competition in the Sailing World Cup to take place. This year the teams that sail with FSE Robline enjoyed a particularly successful start with 2 medals for Austria!

boot Düsseldorf 2018

We seized the opportunity to exhibit from 19th to 27th January at Europe’s largest end customer water sports trade fair - the Düsseldorf International Boat Show, more commonly known as boot Düsseldorf.

Successful Transatlantic Crossing by Lina Rixgens!

She has done it! Lina Rixgens became the first German woman ever to make it to the finish line of the Minitransat in Martinique after 18 days and in 38th place among 81 skippers!