Watch this man break a world record!

Kite region: Hamata \ Kitesession: 30+minutes \ Line length: 144m \ Kitelines: Maui from Robline

The New Year starts with a new world record here at Robline!

One of the kite instructors – a big shout out to Alaa - at the Kite-Village in Hamata, Egypt, set up a new world record by kiting with the longest line length on a kite ever. The foregoing record was 120 meters. Alaa, however, connected six of our 24 meters long Maui to a total length of 144 meters. One must understand that such long lines almost double the pulling force. With 144 meters, he understandably needed some help from four of his colleagues launching the kite at the beginning, but then managed to ride over half an hour in such a beautiful setting. What a day!

Watch the video for more! 

For more information on our Maui series, please follow this link!

Disclaimer for all the thrill-seeking people reading this: Please do not copy this stunt. It might be life threatening.