Ocean 7000

Ocean 7000

SK99 braid with a long lay length

Our Ocean 7000 is ideally suited for all applications involving high breaking loads and, at the same time, for all uses that require a product that is easy to splice.



  • Core: Dyneema® SK99
  • Field of use: trim, crossover

The typical field of use of our Ocean 7000 is where an enhancement of the properties of Ocean 3000 XG is needed, and applications where a safety reserve is required, in particular.

In Ocean 7000, Dyneema® SK99 is incorporated and coated. FSE Robline braids this single braid in a way to ensure minimal constructional stretch. The FSE Robline SL coating provides for ease of splicing.

Diameter [mm] Length [m] Weight [g/m] MBL [daN]
2 200 2.7 600
3 200 5.5 1200
4 200 9.6 2000
5 200 13.9 2900
6 200 21.4 4000

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