Robline Coppa Pro

Coppa Pro

for maximum grip

  • Cover: PBO / Dyneem(R) / Polyester soft
  • Core: Dyneema(R) SK78

Color variation

Robline Coppa Pro brown
Coppa Pro red-brown
Coppa Pro red-brown

Coppa Pro is maximally grippy for optimummanual handling and still extremely durable in the most aggressive ratchet block! These two difficult-to-reconcile charactericstics are both combined in this line. Coppa Pro is a special sheet for extreme demands such as for the gennaker sheet on the Nacra17.

Product Name Diameter [mm] Weight [g/m] MBL [daN]
GP Coppa soft 6 24 1900
GP Coppa soft 7 35 3000
GP Coppa soft 8 48 3600

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