Robline Mainsheet / Jibsheet

Mainsheet / Jibsheet

optimoitu arkki keraamisille vinssiruumeille

  •  Kansi: 24-punottu PBO / Technora
  • Ydin: STS (R) - Stringer than Steel, Dyneema (R) SK99 tai SK78 päällystetty

Color variation

Robline Mainsheet / Jibsheet brown-grey
[Translate to Finish:] brown-grey
Product Name Diameter [mm]
GP Sheet SK78 TecPBO 9,5
GP Sheet SK99 TecPBO 9,5
GP Sheet STS TecPBO 9,5
GP Sheet SK78 TecPBO 10,5
GP Sheet SK99 TecPBO 10,5
GP Sheet STS TecPBO 10,5

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