A Dyneema® double weave for safe and quick maneuvers

32-carrier Dyneema® covers a heat-set Dyneema® core, which creates a stiff and extremely durable rope. The Dyneema®-only cover reduces friction, while the specially treated core eliminates stretch. Many Pro Sailing Teams go for (Zero) 0-Kink as an ultima ratio for tricky applications. Use it for your 49er Gennaker sheets or Mainsheets, and controls in highly loaded areas. We recommend light sanding in areas where the rope will be held by hand.



  • Material: Dyneema®

Color variation

0-Kink: grey
Diameter [mm] Length [m] Weight [g/m] BL [daN]
3 120 6 817
5 120 17 1815
7 120 27 3290

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