Pob Net

Maritime Rescue System

This rescue system is for people and objects that are overboard. It minimises the risk to those in the water. The POB-NET is simple, quick and the rescued is not to be an active participant. The speed of the POB-NET’s operation means it reduces the possibility of hypothermia.

The POB-NET rescue system is quick to use and requires little technical knowledge. It is easy to transport and stow.

Capture, Secure, Rescue

Capture - The tube-like system is slipped over the person’s head (POB).

Secure - By pulling the yellow line the sling net changes from a vertical to a horizontal position. The sling net encloses the POB (person over board) in a secure way.

Rescue - The POB-NET and the rescued can be lifted from the water either manual or by using the boats equipment (e.g. spinnaker or boom halyard)

The rescue system is delivered in a storage bag which also includes working instructions.

For more information watch the video interview we did with developer Hermann Cisar at the Austrian Boat Show ...

Also visit the official website with a detailed demo video ...

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