Robline initiates collaboration with NSF

Robline has signed a three-year contract with the Norwegian Sailing Federation and supplies rope equipment to various national sailing teams.

At the beginning of this year, Robline and the Norwegian Sailing Association agreed on a multi-year cooperation. Robline has thus become both a partner and supplier to the Norwegian Sailing Federation. 

"We are very happy that Robline will support sailing as a sport in our country over the upcoming years. Robline is one of the largest international rope manufacturers and delivers high-end products that our best sailors have been waiting for", says Per Christian Bordal, Secretary General of NSF, about the new agreement. As a rope supplier for the Norwegian Sailing Federation, Robline will also equip the Naional Team and the Norsk Seilsportliga. 

Scandinavian origin

"After its acquisition by Teufelberger Fiber Rope GmbH, Roblon, a scandinavian brand, became Robline. Partly due to this history, Robline feels at home in the scandinavian market and sees its roots there. Thus, the cooperation with the Norwegian Sailing Federation is a matter of the heart to us! This partnership also enriches our work as rope producers. Receiving first-hand feedback helps our product development and allows us to continuously improve our products,", explains Rainer Wilhelm, Global Manager Yachting Ropes, why the company initiates the cooperation. 

The newly appointed sports director Eirik Veras Larsen is also excited about the new agreement and how it strenghtens Norwegian sailing: "as a former top athlete, it is very good to see that the Norwegian Sailing Federation is an attractive cooperation partner. Our athletes are dedicated and detail-oriented, and therefore a perfect fit for a supplier like Robline. I am confident that the cooperation will result in both parties performing better than ever at the Olympic Games in 2024!"

Robline is one of the world's leading manufacturers of yachting ropes and official supplier to several national teams from around the world. They are also a supplier for racing classes sucha s RC44, GC32, TP52 and M32 among many others. 

The best for the best

In the cooperation wth Robline, the focus must be on a good and continuous dialogue between the Norwegian national teams and Robline, with good feedback as the foundation.  National coach Thomas Guttormsen believes this is crucial to compete at the highest level. "It is important to have ropes that the sailors know have the qualities they need and the durability required for their boats. Our sailors have been using Robline even before we entered into a cooperative agreement. This shows us that Robline meets the highest standards for the best dinghy ropes."

The Norwegian national team has a strong presence at international sailing events and is currently competing in Port Cervo for the 2021 SAILING Champions League title. 

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(c) written by Morten Jensen