This rescue system is for people and objects that are overboard. It minimises the risk to those in the water. The POB-NET is simple, quick and the rescued is not to be an active participant. The speed of the POB-NET’s operation means it reduces the possibility of hypothermi

The POB-NET rescue system is quick to use and requires little technical knowledge. It is easy to transport and stow.

Capture, Secure, Rescue

Capture - The tube-like system is slipped over the person’s head (POB).

Secure - By pulling the yellow line the sling net changes from a vertical to a horizontal position. The sling net encloses the POB (person over board) in a secure way.

Rescue - The POB-NET and the rescued can be lifted from the water either manual or by using the boats equipment (e.g. spinnaker or boom halyard)

The rescue system is delivered in a storage bag which also includes working instructions

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