New products and catalog showcased at METS 2016

New FSE Robline Products 2017

Every year, the "Marine Equipment Trade Show" in Amsterdam is the most important trade show for manufacturers and distributors of marine products. It constitutes a perfect opportunity for us to launch new products.


Admiral Pro: A rope made of an Ocean 5000 core featuring STS – Stronger than Steel® technology and a special coating. In combination with our proven Polyester Technora cover, Admiral Pro is a zero-compromises high-end product. Very low stretch, minimal creep, and perfect abrasion resistance redefine the standard for Grand Prix sailors.


Coppa 5000: It features a 24-plait cover that is easy to splice & strip! Nevertheless, its Polyester Technora® cover gives this rope great durability in extremely rough conditions. Ideal for all applications that require minimal stretch combined with optimum grip and minimal abrasion.


Dinghy Towing Line: This new development incorporates the most important qualities of a dinghy towing line.  It floats, it is easy to untie even after having been subjected to high loads, and it absorbs zero water, which keeps your dinghy light and fast.


Palma Elastic; Its special, highly elastic polyamide (nylon) double braid permits secure mooring even at rougher docking sites. The high elasticity of our newly developed Palma protects your yacht's mooring cleats by avoiding high shock loads to a large extent.


GFL Gennaker Furler Line: The GFL is used mainly as a luff rope for gennakers and code zeros and also demonstrates its strengths aboard large yachts, especially where great torsional characteristics are what it takes.  Its compact 32-plait PES cover makes the GFL abrasion resistant, UV-stable, and helps prevent cover-cover slippage. For its core, a 12-plait Vectran® fiber is used, keeping stretch to an absolute minimum. Additional coating provides protection against UV radiation and abrasion.


Opti-Dinghy Lashing: A brand-new rope for lashing the sail to the mast and the boom. It features an 0.9 mm diameter for minimum weight and windage. Its grippy cover ensures that knots will hold, and its Dyneema® core guarantees that the sail profile remains in an exactly defined shape.


Coppa 5000

Dinghy Towing Line

Palma Elastic

GFL Gennaker Furler Line

Opti-Dinghy Lashing