Wintertime is trade fair season: we’re on tour!

Wintertime is trade fair season: we’re on tour!

If the thermometer in the northern hemisphere is still indicating winter and you’re yearning for the next sailing trip or regatta, trade fairs are just the thing to get yourself ready for the upcoming sailing season and summer.

One thing is clear: the boats are still winterproofed, yet it won’t be long till the season gets underway! In order to be best prepared for the forthcoming sailing season, we recommend that you get to grips with the latest trends in yachting ropes at the various specialised trade fairs.


Here is the FSE Robline trade fair schedule for 2018:


Gothenburg Boatshow

  • Where: Gothenburg/Sweden
  • Represented by: Hjertmans Batilbehör (Retailer)


Helsinki Boatshow

  • Where: Helsinki/Finland
  • Represented by: Oy Maritim (Retailer)


Miami International Boatshow

  • Where: Miami/USA
  • Represented by: New England Ropes (Sister company) / Ronstan (Retailer)


Boot Tulln

  • Where: Tulln/Austria
  • Represented by: various retailers


Stockholm International Boatshow

  • Where: Stockholm/Sweden
  • Represented by: Erlandson-Bens and Hjertmans (Retailers)


RYA Dinghy Show

  • Where: London/UK
  • Represented by: Harken UK (Retailer)


Norwegian Boatshow

  • Where: Oslo/Norway
  • Represented by: various retailers


Meremess – Estonian International Boat Show

  • Where: Tallin/Estonia
  • Represented by: Alter


Baltic Boatshow

  • Where: Riga/Lithuania
  • Represented by: Baltijas Jahtu Serviss


China (Shanghai) International Boat Show

  • Where: Shanghai/China
  • Represented by: Far Est FRB Boats Ltd. (Sailboat shipyard)


Both we and our partners are there for you at these fairs and look forward to welcoming you to our fair stand.